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All About Me

With the CM1 and CM2s we worked on an “All About Me” page. They have worked very hard so far this year and I wanted them to see how much English vocabulary they already had.

The sheet used some entences they already knew such as “I am _____ years old”, “I am from _____”, and “My friends are ______”.  They were quickly able to fill out these parts of the sheets.

Next, we filled out the parts of the sheet that had some words they recognized, but not all. An examples would be “This is my family”.  Together we used the words they already knew to piece together the whole sentence. Since they already had most of the vocabulary needed, once they figured out what it was asking, it was easy for them fill in the answer. We were also able to learn some new vocabulary as it applied to their families (“step-sister”, “half-brother”, etc.).

Then, there were a few sentences that where everything about them was new. For instance, “I want to be a ________ when I grow up.” For this one, both the question and the vocabulary needed to answer were new.

Once we finished, everyone took turns presenting at the front of their class. It was nice to learn more about the students and have them learn a little more about each other.