Hello, my name is Avika. I am an English Language Assistant at the primary school Jean Rostand in Grenay in France.

I am from Delhi, the capital city of India.

I have various interests such as dancing, reading and travelling.

In my family there is my mother, my father and my brother, who is older to me.

I speak three languages- Hindi, English and French.

Hindi is an Indian language and it is my mother tongue. And I speak English because in India English is one of the official languages and is widely spoken.

This is also why I did all my studies in English.

I speak French because I learnt French at Alliance Francaise when I was in Delhi.

Regarding my studies, I did my bachelors in management studies from University of Delhi.

After that I worked in the domain of consulting and after that I became a dancer because of my love for dance. Then I learnt French and now I am in France.

Thank you.