KIITI Stella Mumbua

Hello! My name is Stella Kiiti from Nairobi, Kenya. Kenya is a country in Africa, specifically East Africa known for having super athletes ; the Kalenjins, for the great migration of the wildebeests termed as the 8th wonder of the world and much more!
I speak about 6 languages; 2 mother tongue languages, Kamba and Kikuyu, the national language; Swahili, the official language which is English , a bit of Spanish and French which I’m hoping to be fluent at by the end of this experience.
This is my first time as an « assistante de langue » and so far I’m loving the experience and support from all the staff at école primaire Paul Bert most especially the Director, Monsieur Colin.
In Kenya I was an English and French teacher to pupils between the age of eight and thirteen and my goal is always to see the children improve their language skills and in this case oral expressions.
In my free time, I like playing football, chess, listening to music, travelling and socialising.
I’m really excited to be here and I’m looking forward to having a great adventure.
Thank you for this opportunity !!