My name is Emily and I am the English language assistant at ecole oran Constantine in Calais this year. This is my second year as a language assistant and I was previously placed in Dax, a small city south of Bordeaux. So far I’ve been enjoying my second year and the change of scenery it has brought.

I was born and raised in Fort Worth, a relatively large city in north central Texas in the United States. However, all of my family is from and lives in Michigan, in the Midwest, so you won’t hear a southern accent in my voice.

Back home I have one sister who is two and a half years older than me. We are very close, but this often means we get mistaken as twins which she is never too happy about.

I attended Reed College in Portland Oregon and studied Philosophy with a minor French. I came away from college with a degree but also a deep love of the Pacific Northwest and its beautiful scenery

I’m excited to spend the year improving my French and getting a chance to explore the north of France!