Froehlich Kevin

My name is Kevin Froehlich

I am 24 years old

I am from Kentucky, in the United States

I like listening to music, travelling, hiking and rock climbing.

I live in Lille, France.

Last year I lived in Deauville, France.

Next year I will be in Lexington, Kentucky.

My flag is red, white and blue, with stars and stripes.

I work at the Pantigny primary school in Libercourt, France.

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I am from Lexington, Kentucky. Lexington is part of the ‘Bluegrass’ region, known for its horse and farm culture. The horse culture in Lexington is very important, with several horse racing tracks around the city. Kentucky is also known for KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), which originated from a small town in the center. I studied at the University of Kentucky, the largest university in the state. The university campus is very beautiful and you can always find things to do. The university is known for is basketball team, the Wildcats, which has the most wins in American college basketball.

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Kevin Froehlich

A view of downtown Lexington

Kevin Froehlich

Horse farm in Lexington

UK men's basketball, South Carolina men's basketball, John Calipari, Darrin Horn

Rupp Arena, where the University of Kentucky basketball team plays